Refractory reinforcement fibers for your ceramic matrix composites (CMC) for hypersonic, propulsion, extreme environment, and thermal protection systems (TPS) applications.  

Whether used in propulsion applications, leading edges or acreage for aerostructures, Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Composites require the highest temperature constituents. Produced by Free Form Fibers patented Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition (LCVD) technology, from the select high purity precursor gases.  LCVD does not use spun polymers, with added catalysts required for pyrolysis, ensuring oxygen -free, stoichiometric fibers and downstream (powder, preform) product forms.

Maximum theoretical performance temperatures, as compared to polymer-derived reinforcement fibers containing metal and oxygen contaminants.  Ranges of carbides include Silicon Carbide (SiC), Hafnium Carbide (HfC), Boron Carbide (B4C), and Tungsten Carbide (WC), as well as novel nitrides and oxides and specialties, ranging from amorphous Boron to Magnesium Diboride, and Zirconium formulations.