John Schneiter<
John Schneiter

CEO Emeritus, Board Chairman, Co-Founder

Shay Harrison<
Shay Harrison

CEO, Board Member

John Novalis<
John Novalis

Board Member

Joseph “Joe” Pegna<
Joseph “Joe” Pegna

Chief Scientist, Board Member, Lead Co-Founder

Erik Vaaler<
Erik Vaaler

Chief Engineer Emeritus

Kirk L. Williams<
Kirk L. Williams

Senior Manager of Research & Development, Board Member, Co-Founder

Ramkiran “Ram” Goduguchinta<
Ramkiran “Ram” Goduguchinta

Production Manager, Board Member, Co-Founder

Russ DeMuth<
Russ DeMuth

Senior Engineer

Jeff Vervlied<
Jeff Vervlied

Director of Sales and Business Development

Sharon Jurs<
Sharon Jurs

Director of Finance and Administration

Ben Van Alstyne<
Ben Van Alstyne

Chief Engineer

Emily Galick<
Emily Galick

Accounting Assistant