Patent Awards in the EU and US

Free Form Fiber News

June 17, 2024

Free Form Fibers is pleased to announce the recent issuance of two patent awards.  The first, titled “Radially Graded Fully Dense Inorganic Filaments for Enhanced Strength and Creep Resistance”, was granted in the EU (# 3,247,507 B1) in late May after previously being awarded in the US and Japan.  This technical content in this patent covers the material performance imparted to a fiber made by LCVD due to the heterogeneous microstructure found in the fiber’s interior.

The second patent, titled “Non-Woven Micro-Trellis Fabrics and Composite or Hybrid-Composite Materials Reinforced Therewith”, was awarded in the US (# 12,006,605) in mid-June.  The subject of this patent entails the use of non-woven fiber structures and designs for the reinforcement phase in composite material systems.